Primordial Goddess (A Short Story)

I was there in the beginning. Floating aimlessly in the void; in the mass of black emptiness. I was there when the first light shined in the darkness. I was there with the others when the beings we call humans split from the stars and brought true life into the universe. The others from the darkness marveled at the light – at our brilliant creation. They sang the songs of the constellations and danced in the patterns of the planets. The gods gathered to watch these creatures – creatures that moved to and fro on a mass of rock that orbited a star of great magnitude.

Time became finite – this thing we had never known before. And we only knew it because of the humans. The humans’ lives had to be measured in some aspect. So time became time.

I was there when the humans’ decided to shed a version of themselves, millions of years after creation, but millions of years before this current time. They shed their fur, their primal, animal features as they yearned to be more like the gods. They lamented to the heavens, “let us be in your image!” The Great One granted their request, and so it was. But it was clear, even after transformation, the humans were not evolving. They ate insects, swung from the trees like apes, and bludgeoned one another to death.

The gods gathered and asked aloud, “who will go to earth and teach the humans of our ways? Who will show these beings the ascension process?” I called out, “I will go.”

At first, I expected to be created as the humans had – split from the genetics of a newborn star. Alas, I was not granted such a universal gift, for I was already a goddess. What more could I ask for? I was to be born of the earth. Of the human’s mother, and therefore would act as their primordial mother. Through the mud, my incarnation spurned. My form bubbled up from the deepest bowels of the earth to reveal the first goddess in human flesh. First wise ruler of the humans. First deity to walk beside them. I appeared in their image, though they were first created in mine. But this incarnation was not to last.

They stood in awe of my beauty and power. They enthroned me. Crowned me with shiny, bright metals mined from deep in the earth. Weaved spring flowers into my golden hair. They bathed me in crystal waters and laid ferns at my feet. Following my emergence from the muck and mire, I was not permitted to step on the bare earth – palm fronds, fern leaves, and soft feathers blanketed the ground I walked upon. The humans gawked at my every move, consumed my every word, as I did with theirs. Their praise lifted me so high into the heavens, I forgot the reason I had come. They reverted to their greedy ways – killing, stealing, and betraying each other for land, gold, and power.

One day, time as the earth knew it stood still. The world spun on its axis in reverse. Volcanoes erupted and spewed their wrath upon mankind. I pleaded to my brothers and sisters in the Heavens to let the humans live. My pleas were met with emptiness and suffering. I observed from afar as my beloved humans perished. They cried out to me, their Queen, to save them. Have mercy on them. But I could do nothing. One after the other their lives snuffed out like flames, until only a small succession was left.

The world was in ruin. The green that once covered the earth’s surface had turned to black soot and ash. The people who had survived fled to the top of the tallest mountain. And I was left, once more, in the muck and mire. I sank under, and held my breath as I merged with the earth once more, never to return to the surface. The humans would forget me. They looked to the heavens and begged for blessings, yet I was always there with them, ready to shower my blessings on them. Ready to right my wrongs.