Animal Manifestation: Calling on the Animal World

Something I never thought I would say…I think I have animal manifestation powers. Ha! This sounds so arrogant, but let me explain before you judge. My belief is that, when you are a pagan or a witch, you are in tune with the land upon which you live. You are in tune with the wildlife around you, including animals and plants. When you find yourself truly in sync with the forces of nature around you, you will find strange things begin to happen…surprising even yourself!

I grew up in Maryland on a horse farm. For a few years I even lived on a livestock farm that boasted dozens of cows, fifty plus horses, goats, pigs, chickens, cats, dogs, a grumpy lama, 3 odd emus, and a mean-ass turkey. I was expected and responsible for helping to feed, groom, and corral the animals as needed. And I enjoyed every minute of it. Surprisingly, though. Because to be honest, there were times as a kid where I got tired of all the responsibility of having animals…my mom always owned dogs (usually more than one at a time) and I despised having to clean up their pee and poo. I would tell myself when I grew up I only wanted cats. And while I hold true to the low number of domestic pets in my house as an adult, I have somehow developed a very strange yet amazing ability to tune into the WILD animal world.

Let me explain why I say this. At the beginning of this year, my family and I took a ski trip to Breckenridge, CO. The first day we spent in Breckenridge, I had said to my family I wanted to see a moose as I had never seen one before. Later that day, my daughter and I were walking up the mountain-side heading for our condo, when what do you know? A mama moose jumped out from behind a condo building and ran into the street beside us. She was literally no more than twenty feet away from us. I was in awe and also bewildered. Not to mention I shoved my daughter up onto a set of steps to protect her (mama moose could have been looking for her baby and might do anything out of fear or instinct). We returned to the condo, and my daughter says, “Mom, you saw your moose!” And I replied with, “Yes, now I just need to see a fox and my trip will be complete.”

That night, we went out to eat in downtown Breck and afterward stopped by the store. My daughter and I stood in the parking lot waiting on my husband. My daughter cried out, “Mom! Look a dog in the parking lot!” I looked and said, “that’s a cat. Wait. No. It’s a FOX. IT’S A FOX! IT’S A FOX!” Across the parking lot, and running in our direction, was a gorgeous snowy fox. I was so excited I clapped my hands and jumped up and down. My daughter just laughed and laughed. Then she said, “Mom! How are you doing this? You have animal powers! First the moose now the fox!” I hadn’t thought of it, but she was right. It was an odd coincidence. Or was it coincidence at all?

About three months later, after our exciting trip out west, my kids and I went to a local park. One we’ve been to plenty of times. We walked our normal path and noticed an informational sign that talked of the different wildlife in the park. One that caught my attention was the “marsh rabbit”. I said to my daughter, “I want to see a marsh rabbit.” We climbed in the car and hadn’t seen any marsh rabbits. Not ten seconds after pulling out of the park, a marsh rabbit ran in front of my vehicle. And my daughter screamed with delight and said, “Mom! You did it again!” We laughed and laughed! Then I started to wonder, am I calling on these animals without realizing it?

Months have gone by since these experiences with these beautiful spirit animals. Just this past week, I set an osprey feather on my buffet/altar table. I don’t know why I did it, I just felt a random notion to do so. That night, I took my son for a walk at a local park. As we walked along the boardwalk overlooking the intracoastal, something with a huge wingspan covered us in its shadow…I looked up. There was a huge, beautiful osprey flying over us. He perched on the highest bough of a nearby tree. He even let me record him. I was honored. And again, this week, I wrote about the ladybug as a spirit guide. Honestly, I haven’t even seen a ladybug for a very long time. At least a year or so. They aren’t common where I live…at least not usually. I walked outside to check on my garden today…and leaned over to look at my milkweed for any new monarch caterpillars…and there sat a small, dainty red and black ladybug. I smiled…cheesed…beamed. The sheer delight of thinking and talking of these animals and then having them show themselves to me is utter joy!

So it has me contemplating…am I calling on these animals with my higher self? Or are these animals sending me signals, and then showing up when they find it is the right time? Or is it that I’m tuning into the animal world to the extent that I know before they’re going to show themselves to me? I feel very in tune with the land where I live, as well as the wildlife and plant-life. Is this a result of being in sync and connected with Mother Earth? If so, I want more of it! What do you think? Has this ever happened to you?