How Reiki Changed My Life

Someone near and dear to me introduced me to Reiki over a decade ago. I felt the energy as calming and clearing. Up until last year, I never would’ve put much thought into getting attuned to Reiki myself. But when suggested, I agreed and in October 2016 I was an attuned Reiki II practitioner.

The experience of attunement was out of this world, to say the least and way beyond what I ever expected it to be. It’s a process that I don’t understand and I think only Reiki masters will understand as they keep the ritual to themselves. Sacred. I will just say that some of the blockages that have been holding me back for years (to do with my childhood and possibly before) were able to be cleared through the attunement process. I also was presented with a vision of a past life. One which has come up in personal past life readings since then.

The point to this blog post is to show how Reiki has changed my life for the positive. First of all, Reiki is a gift that once you’ve been given will never go away. No one can take it from you. It’s something I use almost on a daily basis, in my home and on myself. I also give Reiki to my husband when asked and to my children if they are ill. Reiki is portable. Anywhere you go, you can take it with you. You can use it on a plane, in a car, at a movie theater, at a hospital, literally anywhere. Because it requires no tools or special rituals, it is easy to do and doesn’t draw attention if used in public places.

I’ve used Reiki on myself at the beach when my stomach was upset. I sat down and put my hand over my stomach and allowed Reiki to flow until i felt better. I’ve used Reiki to clear/cleanse airplanes and vehicles during travel to ensure a safe journey. I’ve given Reiki to my daughter on a plane when she was sick and feverish. All you have to do is place your hands on a person or thing and let the Reiki flow, and it will. I use Reiki to infuse my food with positive vibes. I’ve also used Reiki to charge crystals, cleanse oracle cards, and to help my plants grow! Reiki is versatile and can be used at a distance, as well. I’ve sent Reiki to family members and friends long distance when asked, and it ALWAYS has a positive outcome.

Why is this? Because Reiki is Divine energy; it is source energy. It is pure and perfect and will never hurt or harm an individual giving it or receiving it. I also believe that when the Reiki practitioner gives Reiki to another person that he or she is also receiving it at the same time. Some people might think, well this will reduce the amount of Reiki flowing to the recipient. But this is not true. Reiki is all-powerful and it will not only work on the Reiki pracititoner but will also flow freely and fully to the recipient. How could it not? That’s like saying God/Divine is imperfect and can be weakened through a human vessel. That the human vessel is more powerful than Source Energy.

Reiki flows down into the crown chakra from the heavens / Source and into the Reiki practitioner. Then it flows through their hands into the recipient. This is like a waterfall effect, as described by pagan author Christopher Penzcak in his book The Magick of Reiki. The waterfall can never flow backwards, only forwards. So to address another question about Reiki, negative energy from a recipient can never flow into the Reiki practitioner during a Reiki session. While Source Energy flows from the practitioner into the recipient, it doesn’t allow any room for negative energy to flow backwards. Again, think of it like a waterfall. The water moves down and forward, not allowing for the dirty water to flow up or back.

I see Reiki as a tool given to humanity by Source / God / Universe. It is a gift and should be given to as many people as possible. When I’m feeling anxious, when I can’t sleep, when I have a headache or stomachache or cramps, when I just want to ground and center myself, I use Reiki. It has changed my life in so many positive ways and I’m so grateful a wonderful person in my life gave me the gift of Reiki. I encourage literally everyone I know to get attuned, this way you can give Reiki to yourself whenever you need it and give it to others around you.