My First Post! Welcome!

I began this website and blog as a means to express myself creatively, as well as to keep my readers updated on new releases.

The Cotton Family Series is one that’s been in the works my entire life. I began writing Familiar Spirits in 2015 and self-published on Amazon the same year. The concept for the book was inspired by my many years of studying American and European folklore, witchcraft, and the supernatural. It takes into account historical events and settings from Colonial Maryland in the seventeen and eighteen hundreds mixed with actual stories told about witches living in the Appalachian Mountain region of Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. Readers might not realize but quite a few of the plot points in my books are directly inspired by folklore. For instance, much of the spells and magic in the books are actual spells taken from old tales of witches, pellers, and shamans.

There are two books of the series available on Amazon – Familiar Spirits and Hungry Spirits (Book 1 and 2). I am working on the third in the series, Ancient Spirits, and am on my first draft. I predict the publishing of the third book won’t come until Fall of 2017.

If you’re craving a mystical read, check out my first debut novella The Dream Canvas. If you like romance with a hint of mysticism in the city, download it now on your Kindle, Smartphone, or Tablet!